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Automated ASN

  • Imported EDI Documents for automated release ordering
  • Advanced Ship Notices are verified from real time scanning
  • Automatic Printing of Shipping Documents (MPL, BOL, CCI...)

ASN Sending on Truck

Shipment Processing

  • Pick and Pack Processing
  • Small Lot and Order Sequence Loading
  • Automated Backorder and Split Shipment Process

Shipment Preperation and Adjustments

Line Side Printing

Edibar Systems offers multiple line-side printing options including PLC, Weight, Vision or Poka Yoke Integration.

We specialize in meeting Honda's LMPR standards for end of line labeling and provide a variety of solutions that will help improve your supplier rating and delivery performance such as:

  • Autoprint Customer Shipping Labels
  • Part / Component Verification
  • Pass Thru Operations (Scan to Print)
  • Pick and Pack / Repack
  • Packing Part Quantity Confirmation
  • Quick Receive Validation
  • PLC Weight Scale and Counter Integration

Error Trapping

  • Exception and E-mail Alert Capabilities
  • Integrated 824 Status Indicators
  • Reduce human interaction and prevent trouble reports

Computer showing error message

Scan to Verify

  • Pallet Scanning Operations for Master and Mixed Loads
  • Barcode Scanning Process for 100% Accuracy of Customer Orders
  • Scanning Operations for EDI and Non-EDI Requirements

Worker scanning a barcode

Warehouse Inventory

The Edibar-RMS Inventory Module is a featured application that enhances the ASN shipping solution with Receiving, Warehouse Management, and Finished Goods tracking capabilities. Multiple features are available to configure within the Inventory module including:

  • Warehouse Visibility
  • Flexible methods of Receiving
  • Finished Goods Tracking
  • Multi-pack and Small Lot
  • Lot Traceability
  • Repack Operations
  • Line-side Printing
  • Web based Label Printing Community
  • Off-site Location Transfer
  • QC/Hold Options

Honda Approved Solution

Edibar Systems has appeared in the Honda Blue Book as an approved solution for over 25 years. Learn how we can improve your shipping process to meet Honda requirements.

Approved Certified Solution

Toyota SCS API

The E-RMS TSCS API option supports all necessary validation and communication of SKID and Trailer confirmations required by the Toyota TSCS system.

QR Scanning API Verification

Microsoft Certified

Intelligence and security are built into Microsoft SQL Server. You get extras without extra cost, along with best-in-class performance and flexibility for your on-premises needs.

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Edibar proudly supports these customers using our Edibar-RMS software.

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