TS Trim Enhances "Lean Manufacturing" Business Process with Edibar E-RMS


TS Trim Industries, Inc. (TTI) was founded as an Ohio Corporation in November 1986. Since its establishment in Canal Winchester, a suburban village located southeast of Columbus, TTI has experienced tremendous growth. The Canal Winchester facility started its operation in 1987 and is manufacturing door panels, headliners, and other interior parts. TTI is one of the major suppliers to Honda of America and Honda of Canada. Honda's growth and success has been a primary factor leading to TTI's.


TTI was looking to move away from their current software they were using for several different reasons, these reasons included:

  1. TTI needed an approved solution through their ERP system, Glovia.
  2. At the time they did not feel that the system they were using was as stable as they would've liked.
  3. TTI was searching for a line-side solution that would meet their specialized needs.
  4. Special logic needed to be used in order to breakout TTI's daily shipments, this was a manual and very time consuming process.


Edibar Systems, Inc. (Edibar) was able to assist TTI's needs using the Edibar-Release Management System (Edibar-RMS)

  • Edibar satisfied the need for an approved ERP solution by creating interfaces into glovia.com version 5.4, which allowed the 830, 850, 862, and 856 documents to be automatically integrated.
  • Using the Microsoft SQL database, Edibar was able to provide an improved structure for maintenance and processing of TTI's abundant ship-to-order requirements.
  • TTI implemented an internal Production Control System that was incorporated with Edibar-RMS through a web service to automatically print Honda shipping labels line-side.
  • Working hand in hand with TTI, Edibar was able to develop an advanced approved solution for Honda small lot batch and sequence requirements. This process has automated the majority of manual processing of the daily shipment breakout and significantly shortened the amount of time for processing.


TTI is a very specialized supplier, shipping an average of 40 trucks a day to multiple Honda plants, a seamless and error free go-live on April 1st, 2006 was imperative. After an acceptable learning period, TTI became comfortable with Edibar-RMS. Using the email notification functionality of Edibar-RMS, Edibar was able to monitor TTI's 824 receipts and system errors, helping Edibar be proactive in following up with TTI.