Glovia International Receives Honda Approval

Glovia Successfully Meets Honda of America Manufacturing's EDI and Automotive Shipping Requirements Through Partnership with Edibar Systems, Inc.

Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu (TSE:6702) and a leading provider of extended ERP solutions for engineer-to-order and high volume manufacturers, announced today the company successfully obtained Honda of America Manufacturing's EDI and shipping software approval for its North American automotive plants. The approval demonstrates that Glovia's enhanced automotive shipping functionality, including EDI and barcode label capabilities, has met Honda's requirements as defined in the 2004 version of Honda's EDI & Bar Code Label Implementation Requirements. The approval includes support for Honda's current and legacy business processes.

Honda's EDI and barcode testing is a multi-phase software development and approval process that includes on-site testing with Honda personnel prior to approval. The extensive testing and approval process ensures that suppliers meet Honda's stringent communication and data integration requirements.

By partnering with Edibar Systems, Inc., Glovia was able to integrate Edibar Systems, Inc., Visual-Automated Release Management System (Visual-ARMS) solution with its extended ERP solution, The fully integrated Visual-ARMS solution automatically creates the Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) from the original ship schedule and prints all the barcode labels as well as the associated shipping documents necessary to comply with Honda's requirements. The system notifies suppliers of changes to their inbound shipping requirements, and helps reduce errors by validating orders to part numbers, supplier identifications, engineering levels, and shipping destinations.

"The fully integrated Visual-ARMS solution also includes lot and serial control with traceability from the container itself, to finished products in the container, to major subcomponents in those products," stated Young Kim, product line manager for Glovia International. "The detailed information generated by the solution can then be used to improve quality and provide accountability for warranty recalls. This puts our combined solution in a very favorable position as most automotive OEMs will soon require that their suppliers provide lot and serial control and traceability information."

"Receiving Honda approval further demonstrates the value of our Visual-ARMS solution," said Wayne Metcalfe, president and CEO of Edibar Systems, Inc. "By partnering with Glovia to provide a seamlessly integrated automotive shipping and ERP solution we are able to offer the automotive industry not only a streamlined method of managing their EDI communications, but also their accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, and planning needs."

"By successfully completing the Honda approval process we have proven that our integrated Visual-ARMS solution has the functionality to streamline management of EDI communications between our automotive customers and trading partners in the automotive industry," stated Yuji Nakasu, president and CEO of Glovia International. "The Honda approval illustrates Glovia's commitment to provide superior software functionality, integration, flexibility, and customer support for a true end-to-end enterprise solution for automotive suppliers".