Edibar Systems Inc. Announces the New Web Print Solution

Edibar Systems, Inc. (Edibar) is pleased to announce their new and improved Web Print solution. Edibar has always prided itself on keeping up with current technologies, and Web Print is no Exception.

Edibar is very excited to announce the new community feature that is also available for suppliers who wish to incorporate their own manual, labels, and company logo. We will still have the original member process where the member can sign up and access all of the OEM's on the Web Print site.

To learn more about the New Web Print product, sponsoring a community and/or pricing of the different options, please go to Edibar Webprint. If you have any questions or concerns about Web Print please email the Web Print team at webprint@edibar.com.

About Edibar Systems

Edibar Systems, Inc. (formerly Bar Code Solutions, Inc.) established in 1982, specializes in the integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and barcode applications for suppliers to the North American Automotive and Transportation industries. Edibar Systems' specialty is automating and integrating automotive ASN shipping requirements, barcode shipping labels, MRP integration, and offers pre-configured automotive EDI solutions for all OEM and 1st tier trading partners. Edibar Systems also offers an inexpensive EDI Supply Chain Management Solution to meet the needs of small to medium sized 1st tier suppliers.