Edibar-Release Management System Receives Microsoft Certification

Edibar Systems, Inc. (Edibar) is pleased to announce the Edibar-Release Management System software (Edibar-RMS) was officially accepted into the Certified Microsoft Partner Program in June 2006.

The certification has permitted Edibar to make use of the MSDN tools program to aid in the development process of Edibar-RMS. These tools made it easier for Edibar to meet the specific needs and requests of their customer base.

Edibar-RMS uses Microsoft SQL as its database, this has helped to speed up processing, store larger amounts of data and allowed for easier maintenance of the program. The Microsoft SQL database has also simplified the integration and report writing capabilities of the Edibar-RMS software.

Edibar has many success stories with the Edibar-RMS software; part of this success can be accredited to the Microsoft Certification. Our customers now using Edibar-RMS had minimal problems upgrading from their existing systems, part of this credit is due to the ease of the Microsoft SQL database.

"Achieving Microsoft Certification of our Edibar-Release Management System product is a mile stone that will instill confidence of a well-designed, cohesive software solution for our existing customers as well as future customers."  Wayne Metcalfe, President, Edibar Systems Inc.

Edibar is excited to expand their customer base through the Microsoft Certification and Edibar-RMS software.

About Microsoft Certification

Microsoft certification is a leading credential that validates a company's experience and skills to keep that company competitive in today's changing business environment. Earning a Microsoft certification acknowledges the expertise in working with Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft certification shows a technical leader with the ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions.

About Edibar Systems

Edibar Systems, Inc. (formerly Bar Code Solutions, Inc.) established in 1982, specializes in the integration of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and barcode applications for suppliers to the North American Automotive and Transportation industries. Edibar Systems' specialty is automating and integrating automotive ASN shipping requirements, barcode shipping labels, MRP integration, and offers pre-configured automotive EDI solutions for all OEM and 1st tier trading partners. Edibar Systems also offers an inexpensive EDI Supply Chain Management Solution to meet the needs of small to medium sized 1st tier suppliers.