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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Partnered with industry leading EDI companies, Edibar is able to meet such standards as ANSI, Edifact, Odette...

Barcoding Services

Barcoding Services

Offers a wide variety of barcode services, such as label development, label certification, web printing...

ASN Shipping Solutions

ASN Shipping Solutions

ASNs are created automatically through scanning operations in Edibar's Release Management System...


Inventory Management

The Inventory Module is a feature application that enhances the ASN shipping solution...

Supply Chain Solution

  • Integration with MRP/ERP for Receiving and Ordering
  • Low cost solution for small to medium volume suppliers

Featured Services

  • Global MMOG/LE
  • Ford Label Certification
  • Line-side Printing

Topics of Interest

Honda MFG Supplier Label Change

Edibar-RMS is now equipped with the latest revision to Honda's EDI and label specifications. The Mfg supplier code is the latest addition to the Honda Container label, which provides visual representation of where the parts were originally manufactured. Our EDI integrated ASN software is a Honda approved solution, complete with line-side printing options, small lot batch calculations, and release management processing.

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Toyota Shipping Confirmation System

Toyota TSCS Integration - A recent mandate by Toyota has incorporated a confirmation process for both Skid Manifest to OWK (Kanban labels), and Trailer Confirmation of those Skid Manifests to Orders. The E-RMS TSCS API option supports all necessary validation and communication of SKID and Trailer confirmations required by the Toyota TSCS system.

Learn more about Edibar's Toyota Shipping Confirmation System.

Ford Label Certification

Label Certification for Ford Motor Company Suppliers

In April 2007, Edibar Systems was one of three companies selected by Ford to provide certification of their "North American Label Design Specification(BAO-1122-L)"

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