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Success Stories

Atlantic Tool and Die meets Honda of America's Line-side printing mandate.

By utilizing Edibar Systems enterprise shipping solution, E-RMS, Atlantic Tool and Die was able to meet Honda of America's new line-side printing mandate.

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Honda Shipping Solutions Streamlined by Keihin AirCon and Edibar Systems Inc. Collaboration

When KAC was approached to be a BETA site for Edibar-RMS the were apprehensive, but excited about the new software. Any concerns were quickly addressed once they saw how the new product worked. The different applications and the user-friendly screens were going to make everyone's life a little easier. Edibar-RMS had the capability of customization to fit KAC's specific needs.

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TS Trim Enhances "Lean Manufacturing" Business Process with Edibar E-RMS

Edibar satisfied the need for an approved ERP solution by creating interfaces into glovia.com version 5.4, which allowed the 830, 850, 862, and 856 documents to be automatically integrated.

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"By packing and printing line-side, we are able to take away the possibility of mislabeling downstream in the shipping process."
Chris Aviles,
Atlantic Tool and Die Plant Manager
"As a Honda supplier, Edibar meets all our needs, but more importantly meets Honda's needs."
Matt Snyder,
Keihin AirCon IS Manager
"The Overall relationship between Honda and Edibar has helped our situation with many areas"
Michael Darr,
TS Trim MIS Manager